I used Firebug to find the ID of the search button (magnifying glass) on the page, then used .getElementById again to grab it, and the .Click method to click it. Alternatively, we could have submitted the search box form like this instead objIE.document.getElementById("search_form_homepage").Submit. Actually, there’s a simpler method still that would allow us to skip the previous 3 steps altogether. Can you see it? Hint: take a look at the url we ended up with… https://duckduckgo.com/?q=auto+parts+in+Houston+TX. Got it? If you still don’t see it, and you don’t think you’ll be able to sleep tonight, email me 🙂

I would point out that depending upon what site you are on, there may be a more efficient way (perhaps an exposed web service) than scraping data from the page and working with mechanize/selenium to do what you want. If you are on the web, browser driver tools are the hammers, and they will get the screws in the wood, but sometimes another tool will work better.
Au Japon, les moissonneuses-batteuses et les repiqueuses de riz de Kubota ont contribué à l’automatisation du repiquage et de la récolte du riz, processus avec la plus forte intensité de main-d’œuvre en riziculture. Les coûts de main-d’œuvre sont ainsi réduits et le rendement augmenté. La culture du riz en Asie s’automatisant rapidement, Kubota se sert de ses technologies d’équipements de riziculture raffinées afin de concevoir des solutions pour une clientèle à l’extérieur du Japon. Kubota fabrique des moissonneuses-batteuses et des repiqueuses de riz depuis plus de 50 ans. En tant que spécialiste du domaine, Kubota propose des technologies fiables qui appuient autant de fermiers que possible afin de produire ne serait-ce qu’un seul grain de riz de plus.

Helium is a tool for testing websites and automating browsers. It offers simple commands such as start_chrome, click and write. You use these commands just like you would when giving instructions to someone looking over their shoulder at a screen - the only difference is that you type them. Once you have entered a few commands, you can save them to a file that can be played back at the click of a button, at a specified interval or from within a build/test management tool. This makes you more productive and lets you do something more meaningful or enjoyable with your time.
Get an inventory of operating system resources including installed applications and other configuration items. Use rich reporting and search to quickly find detailed information on everything that’s configured within the operating system. Track changes across services, daemons, software, registry, and files to promptly investigate issues—and turn on diagnostics and alerting to monitor for unwanted changes.
Une fois ces étapes réalisées, vous disposerez de la configuration de base afin de pouvoir commencer à travailler sur vos scripts. Voici ci-dessous où PhantomJS doit être localisé si vous travaillez sous Windows, ce screenshot vous montre également à quoi doit ressembler votre environnement de travail. On voit le dossier "selenium" installé donc tout est prêt.